6 week challenge

Here’s everything you need to know about my 6 week challenge, guaranteed to help your performance on track! Do you tend to come off your bike winded after a 20 minute session? Or get tired and skip the last session or two of the track day? Do you want to be able to stay focused for full sessions vs worrying about getting tired towards the end? Then this program is perfect for you!

- The first (trial) run will be from Monday 12 November until Sunday 23 December. Entries close Sunday 11 November at 20:00 Central Europe time.
- It’s open to anyone, but aimed at track day riders and beginning club racers.
- You’ll receive 6 weeks worth of workouts, a video explanation for each move, and a base nutrition guide to help optimize performance on track.
- The workouts consist of body weight moves (but are still quite challenging!) so can be performed at home.
- They’re actually the same workouts I’ve been doing and perfecting for years now, and the last laps of a race are always my strongest part!
- There will be weekly check ins.
- I’m taking on a maximum of 20 people.
- For this trial run, the price is reduced from €100 to ONLY €50!!

Last but not least: three winners of the challenge will receive a remote track day or race day coaching from myself. Meaning I’ll be available to you through texting or phone calls all day to help you make the most out of each session (no matter what time zone you’re in).

I’m so excited to start sharing my knowledge with you, and help you be a better/faster/safer rider. If you complete the challenge (and keep at the workouts beyond it!) I can guarantee you’ll enjoy your future track time so much more!

Sign up below, after which I’ll get in touch with payment info and a more in depth explanation of the challenge.

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