Ready for testing..

I'm writing this in the van en route to Spain, while Dennis is driving. He's one of my best friends and one of the best mechanics I know – I consider myself lucky to have him with me for testing and all rounds of BSB. One of many reasons this will be my best season yet.

The off season has been a particularly hard one. I ended 2014 with a hard crash, resulting in a concussion (I don't even remember going down) and broken collarbone. The latter was repaired in surgery, after which a blood clot developed in the main returning vein for my arm. This meant I had to be on blood thinners, was not allowed to ride and had to cancel the trip to the US I had planned. Not being able to see my best friend in the world was truly devastating.

However going through all this, I learned a lot about of myself and realised racing is still absolutely worth it. So at the start of November I picked myself up and started putting myself back together, better – stronger – faster. Determined to eliminate whatever kind of “bad luck” I do have control over.

Along the way I discovered a will to win, previously untapped because I've mainly been riding to gain experience (though winning is always good!). Now I feel I'm at the point where I can take what I've learned, set performance related goals, and achieve them. I'm sure we will all soon find out if I'm right.. ;)

As I own and run my own team, the last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Lucky for me I once again have the support of my parents, meaning I never have to worry about a place to sleep and food to eat. Everything is now coming together, I can't wait to present the new colours etc. at our first round in a month (Brands Hatch Indy, 17-19 April).

First though, it's time to focus solely on riding! Dennis and I will spend two weeks in Spain, 8 days total on track. This is the first time in my career I'll be on the same bike for the second year in a row, so our goal is to find the perfect base setup and build so much confidence with it I can be fast from the get go, anytime, anywhere. Which will come in handy considering our series gets very little track time during race weekends.

For regular updates on how its going in Spain, please check my social media! The full report will follow soon after we're back.