OW Twin Cup winner! (8 May)

Friday May 7th dad and I decided to compete in the OW Cup, Saturday May 8th I found myself on the top step of the podium! What a great experience and awesome to have my dad present as my mechanic!

I entered in the Twin Cup class, which consists of about 20-25 riders - almost all on Ducati 1199 and 1098 bikes. Since this is not enough to fill a grid, we are spread out over 3 1000cc classes, the fastest being the Supercup 1000.

QP1 / QP2
Our first session was wet and we weren't able to convert to a full wet setting, so I took it easy. This was still good for a provisional 13th overall and 1st in Twin Cup! The track dried out for Q2, but somehow the wind got even more extreme (worse than I ever experienced at Assen!). It bothered me and the 899 more than the superbikes, so I found myself content with 31st on the grid (3rd in Twin Cup).

I picked up a spot at the start and settled in in 30th overall/3rd Twin Cup, however 3 laps in my own personal miracle happened.. It started raining. The red flag never came out, so I got my head down and put my BSB skills to use! By the time the track dried I found myself in 16th overall, and 1st in Twin Cup. My lead on Martijn Duijkers and his Ducati 1098 was shrinking the last couple laps, but I kept my cool and took the win! Have to thank Ryno Power for keeping me sharp in tricky conditions.

Great shot by CRossifoto from QP1

Great shot by CRossifoto from QP1

As riding races is a much better practice than doing track days, ideally I'll be entering in a few more OW Cup events. Let's see if we can achieve a couple more podiums this season!