WSBK Donington Park (22-24 May)

The easiest way to give you an impression of this weekend: in total I spent more time in the medical center than on my bike.


A suspected fracture in my left shin had me in a lot of pain on track, especially when (down)shifting through the gears and trying to put weight on the footpeg. Lots and lots of icing in between sessions kept the swelling down, but nothing seemed to help with the pain. Naturally I got my head down and raced anyways.

Friday - FP/QP
I used the 20 minutes of free practice to get familiar with the track again, as it had been a year since I'd ridden Donington Park. In qualifying I rode 3 seconds off my laptime, but was far from happy with my 30th (out of 35) spot on the grid, knowing I had a lot more speed in me.

Saturday - Race 1/Race 2
We had 3 races this weekend, the first one being the race that was moved from Oulton Park to here. Like at Oulton, in race 1 I found myself stuck behind Luke Smith, however this time I managed to pass him with 3 laps to go and open up a gap. Race 2 I got a better start and lonely race, the pain at this point too much to improve my laptimes. I finished 27th in both races.

Sunday - Race 3
Our third race was one of my least fun experiences on a bike - ever. It was as if I picked up straight at the end of race 2, hardly able to move my foot to downshift. Where I'm normally able to shut pain out, it was simply too much. I got stuck in a rhythm lapping 1:41s, but at least managed to keep that going until the finish.

Luckily the weekend was saved by a great time with old and new friends, wouldn't know what I'd do without my ever growing BSB family. Time to recover and come back strong at Knockhill!

Special thanks to Damo " The Osteo ", my brolly dolly for race 3, helped a lot treating my leg also!

Special thanks to Damo "The Osteo", my brolly dolly for race 3, helped a lot treating my leg also!