Personal Training

Hi guys - for a good while now I've been brainstorming on a way to earn a living while being on the road for racing all the time, and suddenly it dawned on me; online personal training. Fitness and nutrition is a big passion of mine, I have done hours upon hours of extensive research on the subject and completed a nutrition coach course, have made my own workout and nutrition programs for years, and have already helped a number of friends successfully turn their lives back around through training and eating right. Helping others feel great and find happiness is incredibly fulfilling to me, so why not turn it into a career?!


If you're interested in getting coached by myself - please get in touch at, or use the form at the bottom of this page. I can, and want to, help anyone, from athletes wanting to dial in their nutrition and gain some muscle, to someone who works a desk job and feels like they've lost control of their weight. All I ask from you is total commitment and honesty. How strict the program is we can figure out based off individual needs - though I will already say I do not believe in complete restriction.

My goal for any client is to set you up with a fool proof plan, and educate you as we go. I don't want you to "diet" while working with me, and then fall right back off it when we're done! I want you to be able to make sustainable changes, and feel comfortable eating what you want when you want. Because sometimes all that'll do is a pint of ice cream, and there's nothing wrong with that when done right, haha!


I've put a lot of time into setting up a business plan and figuring out pricing, and in the end decided to base my prices off minimum wage for the time being - as I'm just starting out. The pricing is set per 4 week blocks, though I highly recommend committing to a 12 week plan - hence the discount if you were to go straight for 12 weeks.

4 weeks - €45
12 weeks - €125

4 weeks - €75
12 weeks - €200

For this you will receive a completely personalised nutrition (and training) plan, including simple and tasty meal ideas and exercise videos, and we will reassess every 2 weeks based off the progress you've made. You will be able to keep in touch with me virtually 24/7, in case you have any questions - or if you just need some words of encouragement. Because of this I will take a maximum number of clients; I want to be able to truly be there for every one of you.

If you'd like to hire me as your coach, want more information, or simply have any questions that weren't answered on this page - get in touch at, or through the form below:

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