Nutrition / Training / ADHD Coaching

Hi! Thank you for considering me as your coach! Real quick about me: I’m Nadieh, 27 years old, from The Netherlands, I have ADHD, race superbikes, am kind of a nerd, and love to inspire others to chase their dreams. Coaching wise my true love is nutrition; no matter your personal circumstances regarding illnesses, allergies, or budget - I know we can figure out a way to get you to your goal. Whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, or simply feeling better in your own skin. I don’t just write and send you a program: I adjust everything to your personal preferences and explain the why and how behind it all, so that in time you will be more than educated enough to continue on your own.

For those interested I do offer personalised training programs alongside the nutrition. Being an athlete (and nerd) myself I’ve done plenty of research into how certain styles of training affect your body, and while I do believe nutrition is king, a good training program to supplement your nutrition will get you to your goals faster. Not to mention the positive effect of exercise on your overall mood!

I specialise in coaching people with ADHD, and those who have a bad relationship with food (e.g. emotional eating), as from personal experience I know you’ll need a little bit more patience and understanding than most people are able to offer you. For you guys I offer a very hands on style of coaching, with 24/7 contact through email and/or whatsapp (though I do have to sleep!). I know how tough life can be, and truly want nothing more than to help you find peace and happiness!

All of my programs are designed to be simple and easy to follow; to empower you. And a side effect might be that you’ll gain the confidence to discover and go after your own biggest dreams!

If you’re already a bit more secure doing your own thing, for example if you’re a bit more experienced with training/nutrition but are struggling to reach a certain specific goal (losing that last bit of fat, a faster 5k time, your first double bodyweight deadlift, etc), I offer a coaching option with weekly check ins.

My prices are as follows:
- Nutrition and training program with 24/7 contact: €150/month
- Nutrition only with weekly check ins: €75/month
- Nutrition and training with weekly check ins: €100/month

When you commit to 2-3-6 months at once, I offer a 5-10-20% discount respectively.

I’m currently taking on a handful of one on one clients in each category, fill out the form below if you’re ready to commit & want more information:

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